OK Otter is a band of storytellers from Philadelphia. We tell our tales through various media with a strong focus on music. Our current projects include: four new musical EPs ("Spring", "Summer", "Autumn", "Winter") to be released throughout 2014; a children's video series entitled "OK Otter Jr - Songs for the little guys"; a few TERRIFYING short stories; and much more. Stay tuned!

Meet the Team:

Michael Doyle


Cpt Mike.jpg

Mike formed his current band in the summer of 2013 after being named one of Philly's top emerging artists and receiving an invitation to perform at the Beta Hi Fi Festival. The band went by the name "Michael and the Mooncussers" and released its debut album, Nightmare Lullabies, in November of 2013.

Despite Mike's love of music, he doesn't want to only tell stories through song. He decided to start a "band of storytellers" called "OK Otter", which absorbed the musical endeavors of the Mooncussers.  

Mike's love of stories sprouted from his first trip to Walt Disney World when he was 6 years old. A few years later, when his dad first told him about a disturbed creature who loses his "precious", he was hooked for good. From Aesop's Fables, to Norwegian folklore, to the tales of Uncle Remus, Mike has soaked it all in and used it for inspiration to write stories of his own.


Kelly Doyle



Kelly’s love of reading keeps her up late into the night with Atticus, Harry, and Ebenezer. She wishes Jay Gatsby was real and she was very disappointed when she didn’t get her Hogwarts letter. After getting lost in hundreds of new worlds, she decided to try her hand at writing and create her own. She is currently working on short stories for OK Otter, as well as a novel that follows Thomas, a young boy who discovers his grandfather’s deepest secret and  must face the consequences of the old man’s heroism now generations forgotten – but not by all.  Kelly is also a self-diagnosed HGTV addict and enjoys making Michael try new foods that he’s never heard of. And wine.


Kristin Marie



Kristin dreams in puppetry.  That's where she gets her inspiration.  As a child, she had a recurring dream about a friendly otter singing her to sleep at night.  What a coincidence!  She was obviously excited about the opportunity to bring that dream to life.  It seemed like an easy enough task… He looked a lot more like an otter in her dreams...


Papa Doyle

Storyteller/Songwriter/Concept Creator


 The majority of Mike Doyle Sr’s musical experience occurred before any of the other band members were born.  You grandparents might have seen him play in the Philadelphia area or at the Jersey Shore.   Since he could not afford drugs as a young rock and roll guy, he remains partially functional.   He has contributed a few drum parts and vocals to some of the recordings available on the web site.  On very rare occasions, he has joined the band for live performances when all the other drummers in the tri-state area were busy.  We make him wear a bag over his head, but he still hits the drums most of the time.  


The OK Otter Band:

Eric Weiss

Lead Guitar/Photographer


Growing up in a musical home, Eric's first guitar was his dad's 1970's Harmony Rocket that he was beating on at the age of 8. Over 15 years later, that same Rocket is the one you'll see Eric playing on stage with Ok Otter. Apart from music, Eric serves as photography lead for the group's visual productions and assists in the group's graphics and marketing endeavors. He is an architect by day, and will one day face the daunting task of designing the band's personal recording studio/chalet in the New England Appalachians.


Rich Nice



Rich began playing guitar at the age of 13, and from the first chords he learned to strum he knew he wanted nothing more than to play music for a living. Throughout high school and college he was in and out of bands learning all he could about writing music, which he now brings to the creative process of "OK Otter". Being a huge fan of the music of the 1960s, Rich obsesses with creating unique melodies and harmonies.


Caitlin Rose



Caitlin loves mini pigs. She's also the OO marketing guru! When she's not spreading the word about OK Otter, she's creating tasty ales at her brewery, Sea Isle City Brew Co.


MD Rickers



MD has lived and performed in various parts of the US but now resides in Glenside, PA, not far from where he grew up. He lives with his wife and two daughters, who graciously schedule their nights and weekends around his musical endeavors. MD has a BA in Music from the University of South Carolina; with nearly two decades of experience playing drums and percussion, his creative rhythms are the backbone to OK Otter's stories . If you want to get to know more about him, grab your surfboard and head to New Jersey in January or February; it's desolate so you'll have plenty of time to chat.


Dave Joyce



Dave plays bass in OK Otter. He's also got a killer voice and hits the high notes! He loves James Bond.



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